Apr 6, 2018

Ep 120 - Cobra Kai Comeback

In this episode Tony, Cooley, and Jim Rock talk about about random stuff as well as...

- Cobra Kai

- Jim's "Ready Player One" thoughts

- Is the Walking Dead becoming ridiculous? Remember this scene?

- "The Predator" updates. Something has been released!

- There may be an easter egg in the episode as well! Listen for it!

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Mar 30, 2018

Ep 119 - Ready Player One & Done

In this episode Tony, Cooley, and special guest, Craig Garrity, discuss their thoughts on "Ready Player One" and play a fun game of "Would You Rather?"

Check out YouTube for some fun video segments from this episode!

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Mar 23, 2018

EP 118 - The Ren and Pimpy Show

- Infinity War 

- Deadpool 

- Heroine Happy Meals 

- Chris Evans Mustache!


Mar 9, 2018

Ep 117 - Scoville

Its our interview with Andrew from Newport Jerky company! 

- Jerky

- Meat

- Bacon

- Bugs

- Hot Sauce

- Dehydrated meat

- tough dry meat



Mar 2, 2018

EP 116 - That’s Got Some Kick!!

The gang travels to Newport to visit Andrew at the Newport Jerky Company! 

The weather is awful but we still come through and talk about 

- Black Panther After Credits 

- Cobra Kai 

- Marketing 


Feb 23, 2018

EP 115 - It’s a Black Panther Party!

- More on The Predator

- Black Panther review

- Fake news reports black on white violence at Black Panther screenings 

- Fake Olympian or Master Gamesman? Where do we stand on Elizabeth Swaney?


Feb 16, 2018

Episode 114 - Scared of “The Predator”

In this episode Tony, Cooley, Jim Rock, and Ren discuss the following:

- Why are people really eating Tide Pods? Science?

- "Replicas" trailer starring Keanu Reeves

- Greatest American Hero reboot with Hannah Simone as the lead

- Kung Fury full feature film starting Michael Fassbender

- You wont believe what is going on with "The Predator" film! Really!

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Feb 9, 2018

EP 113 - Bangin’ Brando

- Venom Trailer 

- Deadpool 2 Trailer

- Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

- Jessica Jones season 2 Trailer 

- Richard Pryor took Marlon Brando to church? 

- Juaquin Phoenix might be the next Joker? 


Feb 2, 2018

Episode 112 - “Solo Debut/Can’t Cage a Black Panther”

In this episode Tony, Cooley, Jim Rock and Jay discuss:

 - Nickelodeon's new TMNT design. Do we like it?

 - Ivan Drago's son has been cast for Creed II

 - Can you believe Nicholas Cage's FIVE WORD REVIEW of DC's Justice League?!

 - Will DC fans sabotage MARVEL'S Black Panther?

 - NETFLIX release new season of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Feb 7th!

 - What did Cooley just say?


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Jan 26, 2018

The End of the F***ing World Champions!

- Captain Marvel set photos/costume reveal 

-  The End of the F***ing World 

- Tom Fucking Brady 

- The Patriots 

- NFL Referees (Collusion?)


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