Oct 20, 2017

Episode 100 - “IN VR”

In EPISODE 100, the RedBeard Podcast crew is back after a two week hiatus from New York Comic Con and Disney/Universal! We also celebrate the fact that we are now in VR! Well, audio can be in VR, right? We crack on the fact that everything is in VR now and why can't we? Well, we pretend we are! Use your imaginations!

Nevertheless, we discuss:


- Disney/Universal

- Netflix original, "The Babysitter"

- Black Panther - New Trailer


- The Last Jedi - New Trailer

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Sep 29, 2017

99: Three Jack and Cokes and a Polar

- Three movies we are lookng forward to and one we'd need to be drunk to see

- Our most embarrassing moments laid bare for all the world! 


Sep 22, 2017

98: Pennywise and a Horror Foolish…

- It 

How was the new movie? The gang is all here to tell you what we thought! Plus: How does Tim Curry's original performance hold up? 

- Mother! 

Tony saw it and he gives his official opinionon this episode! Check it out! 

- Official trailer for The Punisher on Netflix 

In the wake of the Inhumans show and the Defenders flop, Marvel and Netflix need to give the MCUTV landscape a good kick in the pants to get people going again. Looks like a job for John Ber...er...I mean...Frank Castle, A.K.A., The Punisher! The trailer is out and we have a lot to say about it! After the episode, let us know what YOU think in the comments below! 


Sep 8, 2017

Episode 97 - Best/Worst Movies/TV of Summer 2017

In this episode the Redbeard Podcast crew talk about the Best and Worst Movies/TV of this summer. We agree and debate on our choices so COMMENT and let us know what you think! Do you agree with us or not?

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Sep 1, 2017

96: White Privilege in Space!

- Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

- Marvel/Netflix Defenders

- Force Friday II

- Captain America (Stevil)


Aug 25, 2017

Episode 95 - “Exploring More 1980’s Movie Gems”

In this episode of the RedBeard Podcast, we switch things up. Tony is joined by special guest, Master of 80's, Don Carrara, as they talk about some 80's movie greats that they have yet unexplored, such as--

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Real Genius
Return to Oz
Big Trouble in Little China
Weekend at Bernie’s
(Who’s coming to RICC?)
Ferris Buller’s Day Off
What About Bob?
Indiana Jones Movies
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The Neverending Story
The Terminator

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The regular crew, Tony, Cooley, Jim and Ren will be back next week!

- RedBeard Podcast


Aug 18, 2017

Episode 94 - “The DUMB Dark Tower”

In thie episode Tony, Cooley and Jim Rock discuss the usual craziness as well as,

  - "The Defenders" came out today!

  - The Dark Tower - review

  - Game of Thrones - recap

  - Scenes that are Stupid

  - Would you rather?

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Aug 11, 2017

Episode 93 - “Jimmy Stewart VS Bane”

In this episode Cooley, Tony and Jim Rock talk about the following as well as the usual craziness...

- A Christmas Story? Really?

- OZARK - WATCH IT! No spoliers!

- Game of FREAKING Thrones!!!

- "Defenders" - August 18th! What have we heard so far?

- Would you Rather?

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Aug 4, 2017

Episode 92 - “Reading Player One”

In this episode Tony & Cooley discuss the following :

 - Latest "IT" trailer

- Started reading "Ready Player One"

- Chester Bennington

- "Ozark" starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney

- Game of Thrones

- McGregor vs Mayweather on August 26th

- Scenes that are Stupid

- Would You Rather?"


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Jul 28, 2017

Episode 91 - SDCC RECAP (2017)

In this epsiode Tony, Cooley, Ren and Jim Rock discuss the usual craziness and .....

 - Best and Worst Superhero disguises

 - The new Batmobile in the upcming Justice League film

 - San Diego Comic Con (2017) and the trailers released

 - "Ready Player One" trailer

 - "Thor Ragnarok" trailer

 - "Stranger Things 2" trailer

(We got political for the last segment) 

- Donald Trump bans transgender people from joining the military 

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